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Vinh long

Sunday, 27/11/2016, 09:24 GMT+7

Vinh long

Vinh Long is located approximately 135 km southwest of Saigon, Vinh Long is easily accessible by bus, van or car using National Road 1A and the My Thuan Bridge. Lying between the Hau and Tien Rivers in the center of the Mekong Delta, Vinh Long is a province well known for fishing.

Prawns and the Basa and Tra catfish are among the many types of fish that exist in abundance in the waters of Vinh Long. Its rich, fertile soil makes Vinh Long an ideal location for the growing of many exotic and delicious fruits, including the strange-looking mangosteen, the spikey rambutan and the pungently fragrant durian. Because of Vinh Long’s extensive network of waterways, these fruits and many other items can be purchased for mere pennies from the huge water-based squadron of floating merchants. 
Traveling by water is a common practice here for such mundane tasks as grocery shopping as well as getting to restaurants and tourist attractions located on small islets accessible only by boat. Tourist infrastructure is still in its infancy here, but comfortable lodging and great food can be had for very reasonable prices.

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