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Cai Be Floating Market


Cai Be is a rural village in Mekong Vietnam. Along the river, there are docks that handle passengers and goods, and the floating market. Cai Be is in the north band of My Thuan bridge, the gateway to the city of Vinh Long. This place is famous for many orchard gardens, bee farms, floating markets and wet markets, traditional music bands, biking… Cai Be is a peaceful and attractive destination for travelers all over the world.The nature is fertile, harmonious; people are opened-heart, hospitality; a distinctive ecological system and the river network of South Vietnam together with a floating market; the cultural features are very distinctive but really special in general are made Cai Be as a Mekong Delta in miniature, a safe and attractive destination for travelers all over the world.Visiting this place, travelers will have chance to enjoy the boat trip of on the mighty of the Mekong river for the dreamy and the pleasure moment. Please join with us to discover the "Countryside Civilization" where something news are waiting for your exploration.