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Chaudoc City (belongs to Angiang province) is close to the Mekong river border of Vietnam and Cambodia. Anyone who travels to and from Phnom Penh by boat will pass by the city. Visitors will captivated by the local friendly people, Cham village with the most beautiful Muslim Mosque in Vietnam and floating fish farm and Tra Su Cajuput Forest…

Tra Su Cajuput Forestis just over 20km from Chaudoc Town and 10km from the Cambodia border. It is the habitat for many colonies of water birds, bats and various others. The flora is equally abundant and splendid with over 140 specified floral varieties which represent the second largest number of plant species in the Mekong Delta region. The best time to visit Tra Su Cajuput Forest is at the high water season (September to November). Now it did become an attractive ecological destination for the tourists who love the nature.

Fish farm and Mubarak Mosque: The cluster of fish-farm houses floating on the river is big business in the delta, and some of these cages can be over 1,000 cubic meters in size. With Cham community in Chau Giang District, you can visit independently via a ferry from a jetty station. Here you will see kampung-style wooden houses, sarongs of Muslim and white minaret of the Mubarak Mosque.