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Cu Chi Tunnels is just 75 km to the north west of Saigon. This most popular history site is called as an out-door museum by tourists. Tourists to Vietnam can now crawl through some of the safer parts of the tunnels, try to fire an AK-47 rifle on a firing range and even eat typical foods that soldiers living in the tunnels would have eaten…

Communist forces started digging this tunnel in the late 1940s, during their war of independence from French colonial authority. Tunnels were dug by hand, only a short distance at a time. As the US increasingly escalated its military presence in Vietnam in support of a non-Communist regime in South Vietnam beginning in 1960s, North Vietnamese and Viet Cong expanded the tunnels. At the end, the network of tunnels linked VC support bases over 250 kilometers, from the outskirts of Saigon to the border of Vietnam and Cambodia.